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Fujian Chapter of SingCham

With strong support of the Singapore Consulate-General office in Xiamen, the preparatory committee for the establishment of Fujian Chapter of SingCham was set up on 25 March 2007. The Fujian Chapter is formally established on 9 August 2007. The Fujian Chapter is honoured to have Singapore Ambassador to China as the SingCham Patron, Singapore Consul-General in Xiamen as Fujian Chapter's adviser, as well as 15 distinguished Honorary Presidents and 11 enthusiastic committee members. Within 3 months prior to its formal establishment, about 100 Singapore companies have already joined as founding members of Fujian Chapter.

The commercial ties between Fujian and Singapore dated more than a century ago. There are currently more than 1,000 Singapore enterprises in Fujian. Fujian Chapter aims to serve its members well and further promote the deeply-entrenched linkages between Fujian and Singapore.

The Working Scopes of the Chamber are:

  1. To provide a forum for the expressions of opinions and the exchange of business-related information and other matters among its members and with other institutions, enterprises, relevant bodies or Chinese authorities;
  2. To promote, develop, advance and expand business between Singapore and the People's Republic of China (hereinafter referred to as China) and other countries;
  3. To promote understanding and friendly relationship between its members and the Chinese authorities, institutions, enterprises and other relevant bodies;
  4. To promote trade, investment and other economic activities between its members and the Chinese enterprises and other commercial institutions in China;
  5. To advance and promote technological, professional, commercial and technical education and facilitate such exchange with the Chinese institutions, enterprises, business chambers and other relevant bodies sharing similar objects and interests;
  6. To collect, compile, extract, circulate and disseminate statistics and other information relating to trade, commerce and industry;
  7. To print, publish and distribute any newspaper, periodicals, books, or leaflets that the Chamber may think desirable for the promotion of its objects;
  8. To facilitate research and discussion by its members on the promotion of bilateral trade and investment between Singapore and China;
  9. To provide a channel of communication within such business community with any relevant Chinese authorities or government agencies and to facilitate liaison with, petitions to, or representations by such business community to government officials, agencies and department in China on matters which will affect, either directly or indirectly the interest of the members, either in general or in particular to a specific sector;
  10. To promote and maintain good fellowship and professional excellence between the members and towards their Chinese counterparts and to assist in resolving any dispute among its members or with any other parties; and
  11. To engage in other lawful activities as may be incidental or conducive to the attainment of the foregoing objectives.




福建和新加坡之间的经贸往来可追溯到一个世纪以前. 目前福建省内新加坡企业有1,000多家. 福建省分会将致力于为会员服务, 促进福建和新加坡之间的关系向更深领域发展.


1. 为商会会员之间,会员与其他机构、企业、相关团体或中国政府之间提供交  


2. 促进、发展、提高和扩大新加坡与中国以及其他国家之间的商务活动;

3. 促进会员与中国政府、企业和其他相关团体的相互了解和友好关系;

4. 促进会员与中国企业以及在中国境内的其他商业机构之间的贸易、投资和其


5. 提高和促进与中国境内的机构、企业、商会和有着共同意愿的其他相关团体


6. 收集、编译、摘录、传阅和发布与贸易、工商业有关的统计资料和信息;

7. 印刷、出版和发布对宣传商会宗旨有关的报纸、期刊、书籍;

8. 协助商会会员研究和讨论关于促进新加坡与中国贸易和投资的课题;

9. 为上述商业团体和中国有关当局或政府机构之间提供交流渠道。对那些直接





11. 参与其他有助于实践上述商会宗旨的合法活动。

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